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An oasis to reset, feel refreshed and restored –
An opportunity for your life to flow more easily.

This programme is like a spa for your body and mind.

– Natasha

Love Me Programme at LiveWell Kew

Love Me Programme at LiveWell Kew

Discover ways to: quieten your mind, rise above your emotions and, use your words powerfully, whilst exploring: dance, breathing fully and stretching, pilates, superfoods and juicing, sustainable style, origami, block-printing, marbling and creative smile boarding all in the process.

Led by a group of women with a variety of inspiring expertise and credentials.  See bios.

The thoughtfulness and care that has gone into this programme radiates out of every message, video and activity, filling your world with hope and inspiration. 

– Laura

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The programme aims to improve overall individual wellbeing by:

  • reducing stress and anxiety;

  • increasing positive emotions; 

  • enhancing individual resilience, confidence and self-worth

The first week of this programme is like a breath of fresh air and then it flows beautifully from one step to the next. I now understand how my life can flow like this too.

– Anna

Dates: Summer 2023: June 9–July 14

Autumn 2023: September 8–October 13

(6 week duration)