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In the midst of a pandemic, something simple, beautiful, and timeless was created to uplift hearts and minds. What began as hand-written encouraging messages on wooden tags, became the Love Me Wellbeing Programme and 7 Simple Steps.

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It includes hand-drawn illustrations, calming audio recordings, and now, face-to-face rejuvenating and creative workshops based on the 7 interconnected steps:

Exercise and refuel purposefully

Minimalise my materialism

Breathe fully


Quieten my mind

Rise above my emotions

Be thankful and kind

Use my words powerfully

This is a beautiful programme that is incredibly easy to follow with results that make a real difference... I try to incorporate the steps into my daily routine, as my secret simple dose of wellbeing and recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone.

– Chrissie Wellington OBE, four times Ironman triathlon World Champion and Global Head of Health and Wellbeing, Parkrun

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The physical element of the programme features an overview of 1 Wellbeing Step each week, with 2 refreshing activities, ranging from Dance Movement, Breathe & Stretch combining TP Pilates, Sustainable Style, Origami & Blocking Printing, & more to help bring each Step to life:

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Encouraging Wellbeing: Susie Bush-Ramsey is a creative designer and former international athlete. From eating doughnuts and french fries every day, and not having the energy to do a single sit-up, to running 60 miles a week and eating superfoods/drinking green shakes, her diet, body and lifestyle have been to the extremes. She created the Love Me programme and 7 Simple Steps digital programme to help inspire others. In 2021, she teamed up with athlete Chrissie Wellington OBE, to illustrate, write and publish You’re so amazing to bring the overarching concepts of the programme to a wider audience. 


Calming Breathe & Stretch combined with Trigger Point Pilates: A unique session offering simple, restorative breathing & stretching exercises, combined with Trigger Point Pilates (Created by Lydia Campbell, a Clinical Integrated Myofascia and Pilates Therapist who specialises in women's health. As a fitness pioneer for over 40 years, her exercise videos, TV appearances, and events have provided a platform to enhance the wellbeing of people globally). This session is led by Susie Bush-Ramsey & Emma Tunmore James who have trained under Lydia.

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Simple, Uplifting Dance Movement: Emma Tunmore James is a choreographer and former West End performer. She landed her first show on the West End at the age of 18, and has since performed in a variety of musicals including Cats, Chicago, Fosse, and The Producers as well as having roles in film and TV.  She has an incredible heart to inspire wellbeing through very simple movement, whilst uplifting and encouraging others. 

Inspiring Crafts (Origami, Block Printing & Marbling): Fine Artist, Red Gibbons along with creating captivating paintings, specialises in Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding and loves to preserve ancient crafts by sharing them with others.


Natural, Sustainable Style / Upcycling: On the programme, Red also introduces upcycling in wonderfully creative ways and illustrates how a daily skin care routine can become 100% natural and organic whilst being simple, economical and beautiful.

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Nutritional Health: Mollie is a Functional Nutritional Practitioner. As part of the programme she shares simple recipes along with hints, tips and points to consider to help minimise refined sugar, feel re-energised and more!

Refreshing Styling: Rachel Green has been working with people of all ages, who feel stuck, lost, invisible or stagnant with their style for over 20 years. Resolving confidence struggles and catering for every element of their appearance, she encourages women to embrace their unique attractiveness, to see themselves with fresh eyes, and to discover a new approach to their style, providing transformational results.

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Motivational Life Coaching: Geraldine Payne is a qualified professional coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation. She helps participants overcome barriers that maybe holding them back; whether that’s anxiousness or lack of self-belief. She believes that everyone can make a change in their life and, as part of the programme, helps to support, encourage and challenge participants to do so.

Week 6

The R_evolving Wardrobe creatively illustrate how it’s possible to build a capsule wardrobe from preloved items. A short, inspiring introduction on 'why what you wear matters,' is shared followed by an opportunity for clothing and accessories (in excellent condition) to be swapped. Ghislaine presents a unique opportunity to embrace sustainable fashion, by letting go of pieces you may no longer need, to experience the joy of seeing someone else loving something you once loved, and how to embrace a new, fresh and fun way of seeing your style. 

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Advisor (remote):

Chrissie Wellington (OBE) is a four-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion and world record holder. She now devotes her life to improving individual and population wellbeing as the Global Head of Health and Wellbeing for Parkrun and is committed to engaging people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities in the Parkrun events to address inequalities that impact many countries across the world.

An illustrative, optional video is sent via email, WhatsApp, or can be accessed via our App, at the start of each week, outlining the Step for the week. This is then accompanied by a mini daily recording, lasting just 1–2 minutes for added inspiration and encouragement. (samples below)

Step 1: Breathing Fully

Step 1: Breathing Fully

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Week 1 Day 2 Breathe Fully
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Following the completion of the Love Me Programme, you will be invited to join the Oasis Hour and 'Refresh'. An opportunity each week, to continue enhancing your wellbeing, to feel refreshed and inspired in a calming, relaxed atmosphere.

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